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Organic Banana Farm in El Rincón

La Orotava – Puerto de la Cruz

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All our tours are guided (always in English and Spanish) and will take one hour. You’ll discover everything about bananas. A unique experience for all!

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Ecological production

At bananaECOplantation we are seriously committed to the environment. Proof of this is that, complying with the standards of the main European certifications, all our production causes the least possible environmental impact.


BananaECOplantation crops have enormous biodiversity. On the farm we find more than 15 varieties of aromatic plants scattered throughout the surface of the plantation, a wide variety of insects, from sarantontones and chrysopas to phytoseiullus persimilis, all of them of great help when it comes to combating pests.

In addition, we use earthworms to fertilize the land and an endless number of birds (pigeons, owls, kestrels, hoopoes…) brighten our day to day and beautify our views.

Self sufficient

Following the principles of permaculture, at bananaECOplantation we plant oats in the corridors that separate the rows of banana trees. This cereal has excellent regenerative properties that help keep the soil young. In this way, we have managed to create our own ecosystem and be 95% self-sufficient.

Future vision

Over the years, at bananaECOplantation we have facilitated the evolution of the traditional agricultural business model to adapt it to the basic principles of sustainable production.

• Economic growth
• Environmental care
• Social responsibility

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